Monday, November 19, 2012

Benghazi Gate: Another Obama Fraud

Benghazi Gate: Another Obama Fraud

Don?t let Obama Get Away with

Murder & Treason!


Send the Washington a fax they’re not going to forget! The rat in
the White House must be fired! For too long America has tolerated
lying, mismanagement, stealing of freedom and robbing America of our
Constitutional rights. The Obama Fruads have finally cost U.S. Lives
with the Benghazi failure.

Benghazi clearly shows Obama is

unqualified and utterly inept, a danger to our country.

He must be impeached!

Benghazi was a terrorist attack yet we were lied to. Obama?s foreign
policies and decisions not only invited the attack but made the
consulate vulnerable. Obama went so far as to blame the attack on some
obscure American film made over a year ago. He out and out LIED.

It wasn?t just a lie once it happened, there were a flood of lies
before it ever occurred, putting innocent Americans in harm?s way.
Obama claimed the Libyan embassy staff did not request additional
security at the Benghazi embassy. LIE. Then he claimed al Qaida has
been ?knocked back on its heels? and was no longer a threat to the U.S.
Yet it was al Qaida that carried out this deadly terrorist attack. MORE

Why lie? Two words: Election Year. Do you think he would have stood a
chance in hell of being reelected if the real truth had come out in
time? Instead, it was glazed over, discarded and pegged as a ?bump in
the road.?

Think about the gravity of the situation.

Ambassador Stevens was horribly raped and then publicly executed as
Obama denied military intervention and turned a deaf ear to Steven?s
cry for help. What kind of evil being does that? Obama?s presidency has
been nothing less than one lie after another?starting with his
birth?and as his web of deceit grows larger, what is left in its path
is a swath of utter destruction?annihilation.

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