Sunday, November 11, 2012

I took the US flag from its mast

About an hour ago, I took our US flag from its mast, carefully folded
it into a triangle, and put it in the closet. There is no reason to
fly it any more. The country it represented and its ideals are dead.

It really doesn't matter that Obama will be president for another
term. What matters is that a significant number of Americans chose to
re-elect him. Obama is the symptom, not the problem. Think of what it
took for most Americans to cast that vote for Obama:

They had to overlook or approve how Obama has run roughshod over the
Establishment Clause.

They had to overlook or approve how energy prices have about doubled
under his administration's policies.

They had to overlook or approve how his Justice Department harasses
his opponents.

They had to overlook or approve how he willingly abandoned an American
ambassador, leaving him unprotected to be tortured and killed.

They have had to overlook or approve how for the first time we have a
political party that has deliberately turned its back on God.

Such things would not be tolerated in the America we knew, an America
that cherished the ideals of our Founders, who saw the Constitution as
a limit to Federal power, who believed in honor, in integrity, and,
yes, in God. Today most Americans looked upon all that Obama has done
and has pronounced it good.

So ends the great experiment, the shining light upon the hill snuffed
out by those who confuse liberty with hedonism, justice with
expedience, honor for the whim of the moment. And in the process they
have snuffed out the very things that have allowed us to endure for
two centuries.

The only consolation is that every nation has the sort of government
it deserves. I can honestly say that those who re-elected Obama have
chosen the president they deserve.

- Kevin J. Cheek

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